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Dr. Simon Kuang of Ideal Body Chiropractic is Orange County's favorite sports chiropractor.  Located in Fullerton, California, Dr. Simon Kuang specializes in the treatment and maintenance of athletic injuries with chiropractic adjustments, Active Release Technique (ART) soft tissue massage technique, and movement screenings.   Many patients are happy to find that Dr. Kuang's treatments can resolve conditions such as low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica and headaches.


Ideal Body Chiropractic of Fullerton offers Chiropractic AdjustmentsActive Release Technique and Movement Therapy for fast pain relief and prevention of Whiplash.


Our doctors can relieve your pain caused by whiplash, often times instantaneously.  Make your appointment today  by calling us at  (818) 922-8499

Our doctors can relieve your pain caused by whiplash, often times instantaneously. Make your appointment today by calling us at (818) 922-8499

Whiplash, also known as Cervical Acceleration-Deceleration syndrome, occurs when a quick jerking motion forces the neck beyond its normal range of motion.  Whiplash most commonly occurs in automobile accidents, falls or contact sports.  When the head is suddenly whipped back and forth, the neck goes into hyperextension (bent backwards) followed by hyper-flexion (bent forwards).  When this happens, structures such as the joint capsule, tendons, and ligaments become injured.  Symptoms such as neck pan, stiffness and headaches frequently occur immediately or several days after the initial accident.  Moving your head or neck in any direction is painful and cumbersome.  Whiplash does not have to be such a pain in the neck. We are here to help you.  Make an appointment today by calling us at (818) 922-8499.


Whiplash involves injury to the structures of the neck from a jerking motion that forces your neck to go past its normal range of motion.  When the joints of your neck go past its normal range of motion, it becomes misaligned and causes pain as a result.  One of our doctors can diagnose which of your joints are injured, administer a gentle chiropractic adjustment to the misaligned joints in your neck and relieve your pain, many times instantaneously.  Other structures that can become damaged and tight in a whiplash injury are your ligaments, joint capsules, and muscles.  We can help relax these tight soft tissue structures and promote healing by performing Active Release Technique Soft tissue massage on them.  This will relieve your pain and restore proper range of motion to your neck.  After the treatment is done, our doctors will educate you on lifestyle modifications, exercises, and stretches you can do to help accelerate your healing process so you can get back to living your life free of pain again!  What are you waiting for?  Contact our clinic today to schedule an appointment at (818) 922-8499.


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