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Dr. Simon Kuang of Ideal Body Chiropractic is Orange County's favorite sports chiropractor.  Located in Fullerton, California, Dr. Simon Kuang specializes in the treatment and maintenance of athletic injuries with chiropractic adjustments, Active Release Technique (ART) soft tissue massage technique, and movement screenings.   Many patients are happy to find that Dr. Kuang's treatments can resolve conditions such as low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica and headaches.

Herniated Discs

Ideal Body Chiropractic of Fullerton offers Chiropractic AdjustmentsActive Release Technique and Movement Therapy for fast pain relief and prevention of Herniated Discs.


Is the pain from a herniated disc preventing you from moving freely? We can help!  Contact us  at  (818) 922-8499  for your appointment today!

Is the pain from a herniated disc preventing you from moving freely? We can help! Contact us at (818) 922-8499 for your appointment today!

The spinal discs are gelatinous structures located between the vertebrae in your spine.  They act like shock absorbers, protecting the spine and allowing for flexibility of the spine.  Improper posture and faulty movement mechanics can put a lot of excess stress to the spinal discs.  When enough stress is accumulated within the discs, the outer most fibers of the disc begin to tear, leading to what is known as a disc “bulge”.  Add even more stress to your discs, and your disc will herniate.  A herniation can start to cause nerve compression, and in the most severe cases can cause spinal cord complications.  The most common symptoms of a disc herniation include:

  • Back or neck pain

  • Spinal stiffness

  • Pain that radiates down the arm or leg

How would you like to move pain-free again?  Wouldn't it be nice to able to play with your children without the pain from a herniated disc looming over you?  All this and more can be made possible by contacting us at (818) 922-8499 for your appointment today!


Luckily, most cases of herniated discs do not require surgery or injections- and in most cases, can cause more problems.  Early detection of a herniated disc in your spine is paramount in its treatment.  Early detection is possible due to the nature of our doctors' education and experience with the spine.  After the diagnosis is made, our doctors will set a goal of pain control for you.  This will include spinal chiropractic adjustments combined with a course of therapeutic exercise to help strengthen the muscles of your back.  Furthermore, tight muscles that attach to your spinal vertebrae can compress the discs in the spine and subsequently worsen the symptoms associated with your herniated disc.   But with the help of Active Release Technique soft tissue massage, our doctors can loosen your tight muscles and decrease the compression on your disc and relieve your pain.  The most common cause of a disc herniation is improper movement and posture.  With the information he will gather from putting you through a dynamic movement, posture and ergonomic screenings, our doctors will create a customized plan to help lessen your symptoms from a herniated disc and prevent its progression.  This customized plan will include stretches, strengthening exercises, and joint mobilizations you can do at your own convenience.  Do not let your pain from a herniated disc wreak havoc on your life any longer!  Contact us at (818) 922-8499 for your appointment today!


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